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With our diverse technical expertise, FASTOX- One of The Best Web Design Company in India strives to deliver world-class business solutions to clients hailing from varied industries. Over the years, we’ve successfully launched & improved 100’s of project’s for our clients across the globe. We provide innovative business solutions that drive our clients towards their business goals and objectives.

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Website Maintenance

FREE minor maintenance

All websites we host qualify for free minor maintenance for the life of your account. Swap a photo or 2, change a sentence of text or a phone number and it’s no charge applied.

Discounted Rates

If you are a Net Maintain customer and your changes are a bit more involved you still get a discounted rate for the time we spend on your website. We even bill in small time blocks.

Casual maintenance

Not a Net Maintain customer? We can still manage edits to your website for you at attractive rates. What may take you hours we can probably do in minutes saving you time and money.


Website Support

Custom Features

Most cutting edge websites provide features that simply aren’t available off-the-shelf. We can help with those special features unique to your business or market one now. Try us today!

Plugins & Modules

If it is more than just a tweak to existing functionality we can package that special process into a plugin or module. Maintain the integrity of your website and still provide those special features.

Dedicated applications

We can help with standalone and integrated application development. Save your time and effort while minimising the chance of errors in data entry with your own custom applications.


How we are different from others in Technology

At FASTOX we define a webiste that allows the user to know more about you business via a web environment.


We strive for the right balance between experience, ease of use and conversion objectives. Here the visitor is central. Through our strategic use of technology, we apply solutions that best suit the business of our clients. With creativity and genuine interest, we ensure the optimal experience for the end user and enable our customers to perform better digitally.


Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone – an responsive appearance on all devices is nowadays indispensable.


That’s why we rely on responsive design and develop a flexible layout for your website that adapts to the size of the screen and can reach every potential customer.


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Old websites that appear neglected and don’t respond to mobile devices in a friendly way can be at a disadvantage in search engine results. Talk to us today about updating your website.