What is a Subdomain? Subdomain Examples

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A subdomain is a domain that is a part of a larger domain. It is created to organize and navigate to different sections of a website. Subdomains are created to divide a website into logical parts or to create separate websites, each with its own unique content.Fastox provide cheap domains in India


For example, consider the website “”. The main domain is “”, and it could have several subdomains, such as “” or “”.


Here are some more examples of subdomains:


  • “”
  • “”
  • “”
  • “”


In each of these examples, the subdomain “support”, “mail”, “docs”, and “app” are all part of the main domain “”. They can be used to organize the content of the website or to create separate websites with their own unique content and purpose.


A subdomain is a division or subset of a larger domain name. It is essentially a prefix that is added to a domain name to create a unique address for a specific website or web page.


For example, the main domain name for a website might be “”. A subdomain for the blog section of the website could be “”. Another subdomain for the support section of the website could be “”.


Subdomains are commonly used by websites to organize content and provide easy access to different parts of the website. They can also be used to host separate websites or web applications under the same main domain. Subdomains can be set up and managed by website owners through their domain name registrar or web hosting provider.


A subdomain is a part of a larger domain name in the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy. It is used to create separate web addresses or URLs for specific sections or pages of a website.


For example, in the URL “”, “blog” is the subdomain, while “” is the main domain. This URL could lead to a separate website or a separate section of the same website that is dedicated to blog content.


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